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About Scent Solutions

Scent Solutions delivers cutting-edge scent systems and fragrances that will make your space smell amazing. Scents from natural floral scents to spicy aromas, greens, earth aromas, fine fragrances, citrus and food and drink aromas. We also provide signature scents for enhancing your area as well as for odour elimination. Our scented germ killer range of scents disinfects and sanitises in an innovative and revolutionary way, thereby creating a healthier , pleasant smelling environment.

Having identified the substantial benefits associated with the use of air scenting (also referred to as scent marketing or aroma marketing), Scent Solutions was established in order to assist dynamic South African businesses to create the ultimate olfactory experience for their clients whilst at the same time maximising this potential for increased sales revenues.. The response has been, exceptionally positive and within a very short space of time, Scent Solutions has developed into a market leader in Southern Africa.

Our considerable marketing expertise and business experience across a variety of industries combined with our understanding of our clients’ objectives, brand strategies and requirements enables us to create the perfectly scented environment for our clients and their customers. Scent solutions enhances our clients’ brands and public awareness through the sense of smell.

Our ‘customer first ’service philosophy enables our clients to focus on their businesses while we ensure that all their ambient scenting requirements are taken care of.

We understand that each client’s brand and requirements vary and therefore we work closely with our clients to determine the fragrances which best embody their brand and are suitable for their particular environments.

Scent Solutions are exclusive distributors in Southern Africa of SCENT::LINQ products. SCENT::LINQ products are now in use in more than 40 countries throughout the world.


Our state-of-the-art scent diffusion systems are attractive and affordable. They are highly effective at scenting public and private areas with our high quality scents and fragrances, which are sourced from some of the world’s largest and finest manufacturers. 

Why Choose Scent Solutions?

We have a proven track record of delivery of outstanding scenting solutions and service to a wide range of clients

We create the ultimate aroma experience in your environment

We have an extensive fragrance library that caters to all tastes and requirements

We can design a signature scent specifically to meet your requirement

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