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Aroma Scents

We create the ultimate aroma experience in your environment…

Our extensive fragrance library consists of only the highest quality scents and fragrances sourced from the world’s largest and finest manufacturers.

The quality and safety of our fragrances is of the highest priority and we ensure that only superior quality oils and fragrances are used. Our extensive fragrance library caters to all tastes and requirements. Our scent options are are grouped into the following high level categories.

Floral Scents

Evoke the tranquility of a botanical garden with light and airy floral scents from Scent Solutions.

Our scents feature an extensive collection guaranteed to create the ideal floral setting.

Citrus Scents

Bring spring and summer essences indoors with citrus scents that invigorate your space.

Citrus scents are fresh, energetic, lively and exciting.

Green Scents

Nothing quite compares to breathing in the verdant, leafy scents of nature, which are calming and relaxing.

Earth Scents

We offer a large variety of earth scents that your customers will thoroughly enjoy. Our “woody” scents are consistent winners.

Foods and Drinks Scents

These scents are created to be truly reminiscent of the aroma of familiar beverages and food. Our range includes coffee, cappuccino, choca moca, chocolate, biscuit, and teas. If you’re looking for something young and fun you can enjoy candy floss or bubblegum.

Spicy Scents

Unique, spicy and exotic. Cinnamon and ginger are some of the more common spicy scents.

Fine Fragrance Scents

We have an extensive range of fine fragrances and can provide many of your favourite perfume scents, for both men and women. Our fine fragrances evoke prestige and quality and can strike an emotional chord with your clientele.

Signature Scents

Looking to be totally unique? We can design a signature scent specifically to meet your requirements. Set yourself apart from the competition with your own exclusive scent, tailored to suit your brand. We will work closely with to create your ideal signature scent.

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