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Scent Systems

Our ‘’state of the art’’ scent diffusion systems are affordable and are highly effective in scenting public and private areas.

Scent Solutions are exclusive distributors in Southern Africa of SCENT::LINQ products. SCENT::LINQ products are now in use in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

Our Scent Systems operate using sub-micron diffusion technology, ensuring the most effective, longest lasting and safest fragrance diffusion. Our Scent Systems function quietly and smoothly and enjoy a low fragrance consumption rate, thus proving to be highly cost -effective. The sophisticated systems diffuse the oils to less than one micron in size and the scented air particles travel effortlessly through the air and then evaporate without leaving any trace of residue.

Scent Systems are ideal for scenting both private and public areas. Our range of Scent systems include free-standing, HVAC (aircon and modular (wall-mount) units. They have adjustable operating hours and intensity settings enabling one to easily customise the scent outputs for any environment.

Free-standing Scent Systems 

Free-standing Scent Systems are our most commonly used Scent Systems and are highly effective in scenting both small and larger spaces. They are attractive and portable and can be placed on the ground, on a surface or wall-mounted.

HVAC Scent Systems

Our HVAC Scent Systems connect into the central aircon ducting. These Scent Systems are located out of sight and are highly effective in scenting very large areas with an even scent distribution.

Modular (wall-mount) Scent Systems  

Modular (wall-mount) units are ideal for areas where free-standing or HVAC (aircon) units may not be suitable. The mains unit requires access to power and is usually situated in a back room, out of sight, or in the ceiling. The wall diffusers are wall-mounted and connected to the mains unit via thin tubing. If required, two wall diffusers can be connected to one mains unit and can be situated 15 to 20 metres away from the mains unit.

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