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Scent Marketing Applications

Scent Solutions’ state-of-the-art scent systems have been utilised successfully in…

Retail Stores 

We enhance your brand image and environment. Our scents will forever remind the shopper of the brand and their products. From clothing, shoes, furniture, books, hardware, music, beauty, electronics, sports – you name it, we’ll scent it.

Shopping Malls

Differentiate your mall from your competitors and create the ultimate environment for your shoppers. We’re experts at scenting large public areas including entrances and public restrooms.


Hospitality Sector

Our fragrances create an ambiance of luxury and comfort, making guests feel at home and more relaxed in hotels, B&B’s, guest houses and conference centres. Guests will spend more time and feel more positive about your establishment and brand, when scented correctly.


Casinos, night clubs, theatres – let us provide the perfect ambiance for your clients to enjoy the benefits of your offering.

Offices & Reception Areas

Our scent delivery systems enhance moods and productivity while reducing stress in office environments. A scent will contribute to a professional environment for your staff and clients. Certain fragrances can make individuals more energetic and upbeat.


Showrooms can be differentiated by sophisticated fragrances that compliment the layout and design.

Fitness Centres

The correct scents can create the ideal environment for exercise and removal of sweaty, unpleasant odours.


Whether upmarket restaurants, fast food outlets, coffee shops or company canteens, we’ll make your eatery smell great.

Spas & Salons

There are many aspects of spas and salons that make them such a relaxing retreat, from the decor to the music played. Scent adds a subtle sense of calm, relaxation, luxury and exclusivity that will become synonymous with your spa or salon.

Launches & Events

Scent Solutions is highly experienced at providing the perfect scent and scent diffusion systems for your event or launch. Big or small – we scent it all.


Our scenting solutions will ensure that you receive no more complaints about smelly restrooms instead, you’ll get lots of compliments. We are experienced in dealing with numerous malodour problems.

Hospitals & Medical Offices

Our fragrances create a positive and stress-free environment of comfort and healing while reducing unpleasant odours.

Soothing and relaxing scents will assist patients to relax.

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