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Harness the power of scent marketing

and connect with your customers on an emotional level.

Enhance your brand through the power of smell.

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Scent Solutions’ expertise and experience enables us to create the perfectly scented environment for our clients and their customers. We are thus able to enhance our clients’ brands and public awareness through aroma or scent marketing.

Scent Marketing For Your Business

Studies have shown that a correctly scented environment leads clients to:

Spend more
Feel more relaxed
Stay longer
Exhibit a higher degree of customer loyalty
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Scent Marketing Applications

Scent Solutions’ state-of-the-art scent systems have been utilised successfully in

Retail stores & malls
Hospitality venues
Offices & corporate environments
Private residences
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About Us

Scent Solutions delivers cutting-edge scent systems that bring outside scents indoors, from natural flower scents to spicy aromas and many more. We also provide aroma signature scents for odour elimination.

Scent Solutions is a proud member of the Scent Marketing Institute, a global not-for-profit organization comprised of leading marketers, fragrance houses and solution providers committed to the field of scent and sensory marketing.

Why Choose Scent Solutions

  • We can design a signature scent specifically to meet your requirements
  • We create the ultimate aroma experience in your environment
  • We have an extensive fragrance library that caters to all tastes and requirements

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